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Firstly, hello, my name is Yanni Sanmiguel and I'm a Freelance Web Designer/Developer. I've been in the web design sector for more than 10 years and I have built countless projects in countries like USA, Costa Rica, Colombia and now in the UK. All my projects are based in ModX CMS, it's like Wordpress but easier to use, more secure, robust, customisable and from a personal point of view, a lot better.

I focus on the details, creating not just something that looks beautiful, but actually works well and achieves its business purpose.

Since 2017 I started a personal project to reduce time and costs when building websites. After nearly a year of hard work I have created The Web Project, a complete system to build professional websites in only a few days. Everything you need for only a cheap annual price!

Yanni Sanmiguel and Michelle JonesMe and my wife

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