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Freelance ModX Web Designer

Why Web Renting?

The concept is simple, not everyone has £600 or £900 to spend on a website and most of the people have similar needs regarding websites, so based on these two facts I decided to create a system that is cheap, quick and easy to use.

Firstly, hello, my name is Yanni Sanmiguel and I'm a Freelancer ModX Web Designer and Developer.

I've been working in the web design sector for more than 10 years, working remotely with most of my clients and I have built countless projects during this time. I work for particulars, small and medium size companies. I use to create sites from scratch for every client, always trying to make a unique web site each time, however, the problem was that they required a lot of work and as a result the price would increase too. Something else that I realised over time was that most of my clients needed similar things, like a website to display their personal or business information, it was that simple and that's why I decided to change the way I worked by creating The Web Project. This is not a totally new concept but I think it might be in the freelance sector.

What is this about?

For almost a year using ModX CMS (content management system) I created a structure to give each client the necessary tools to build their own modern and attractive website, with a basic introduction, web tutorials and support via video calls or emails. My clients are able to build, customize and edit their own websites, now that can't be bad, can it?

The great thing is that for an annual renting price and no contract of any kind the website will include hosting, personalized email address (linked with a Gmail account) and allow you to create and edit text, images, slideshows, background videos, and many other options, basically everything you will need to create your own website.

No contract, No hidden charges, see more about The Web Project.

The Web Project

A Big Pack For a Small Price

Explore how the Web Project works, tools, settings and options you'll have to customize and build your own web site.

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About Me

My name is Yanni Sanmiguel

Web designer for more than 10 years, fell in love with ModX CMS around 8 years ago. I work remotely with all my clients without sacrifice quality.

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Web Services

Don't Buy a Web Site, Rent It!

Build a modern and useful website for a fraction of the price of a normal website. Web Renting is a new way to build your website!

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