I Create Websites

Freelance ModX Web Developer

I create websites that are fast, easy to use and self editable, giving you the possibility to make necessary changes at any time which results in reduced future maintenance costs.

There Are Two Ways to Work with me:

1st : The Normal Way

If you want something specific, specialised or need to repair or modify an already existing project, you can hire me for an hourly rate (as a normal freelance web designer). I can tailor-make a website specifically for you.

2nd : The Web Project Way

As I commented before I have made my own platform which I can build websites upon and after hours of thinking of a name I came up with The Web Project (WOW what a name... sarcasm!).

Now I'm able to build modern and attractive websites faster than normal. Once the site is ready you can make changes and keep adding and creating as many pages as you want, there are modules that make this process quite easy and very cheap. See prices

What You Can Expect

  • Bespoke solution tailored to your requirements
  • A specialist with many years experience in ModX Revolution and web design
  • Good communication throughout the entire process, always with a smile and a very good attitude
  • A fast and easy-to-use website
  • A website that works across modern platforms and optimised for search engines
  • A very responsible and honest person
  • Your new website will be integrated with ModX Content Content Management System so you can update the website for free yourself whenever you need to
  • Training to help you understand the CMS and to take the necessary care of your website

The Process

Designing and building a website should be a creative, enjoyable and productive experience. I build my sites online under a private address (secured with username and password), this means that you can over see the progress of your website at any time during the building process right up until when the site goes live.

Read more about the web design process

The Price

Prices depend on how we work together, as I commented above there are two ways to work with me. If you choose per hour there is no fixed price, we will talk about your project first and then I can give you a quote depending of what you need.

The Web Project is different, as it has a fixed price but if you want something specific or extra, we can have a talk and I'll give you a quote. I'll not charge you anything extra without your consent.

See prices

What I Don't Do

I don't work with WordPress or buy existing templates. I design and build websites from scratch.

I am not a software developer so I don't take on builds for complex applications, unless I can partner with a proper developer who compliments my skills.

I don't develop apps or not yet anyway, however I can assist with the user interface, design and user experience.

Do you have any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact me.

Contact ysanmiguel.com

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