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Don't Buy a Web Site, Rent It!

One day I had an idea: How can I create attractive websites, quick, cheap and easy to use? And after nearly a year of hard work I'm proud to present the Web Renting Service.


I think the visual part is the most important, that's why I try to include different ways to make the sites look the best as possible. You are able to modify, colours, font sizes, include images, maps, videos, your own CSS or JS code in case you know how to use it.


I can install a Web Site, set it up and leave it ready to work in around 24 hours, that means that you can start uploading your content after that. the installation speed depends on some factors like the domain DNS are ready, but don't be scare if you can't understand I will expain you with detail and using non technical language.


The price is the key, that's why I prefer a yearly cheap renting price than one buy price. Click here to see prices

Easy to Use

Well, I tried to make it the easiest possible, I had some clients with zero knowledge of technology and they normally can make what they need, in case they can't I'll be there to help.

How it works?

  1. Contact me to agreed a deadline.
  2. You'll need to buy the domain, eg: your-name.com once you have it we will need to change something called DNS (this is simple, no worries)
  3. I'll install and set up in a brand new hosting for you, the web platform works under ModX CMS (it's an open source content management system, VERY good, stable, safe and user friendly, highly recommended).
  4. Once everything is ready I'll give you your user name, password to access into the platform and a quick introduction about how it works.
  5. that is it!

Once everything is ready the next step is in your hand, it's enter the information into the platform using the tools that I create to build the structure and the content.

You need to provide all the text, pictures and videos, the last two will be saved on AmazonS3, that means you don't need to be worried about the space and this service is included in the renting price.

The emails will be linked to gmail accounts (max 3 emails, if need more just let me know), that means you will be sending and receiving emails, using your personal address, for example: me@myweb.com but from a gmail account.

No contracts, no hidden charges, that means if you don't need the site anymore just don't pay the yearly rent and the site will stop working.

If you need something specific that the project doesn't have, for an extra charge I'll build it for you.

The Web Project

A Big Pack For a Small Price

Explore how the Web Project works, tools, settings and options you'll have to customize and build your own web site.

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About Me

My name is Yanni Sanmiguel

Web designer for more than 10 years, fell in love with ModX CMS around 8 years ago. I work remotely with all my clients without sacrifice quality.

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Le'ts talk about money

The prices include hosting and the structure ready to work, if you need anything specific I can build it for you. I accept payment with Cryptocurrencies.

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Examples Page

The Web Project Complete Examples Page

A complete page full of examples of everything you can do with The Web Project, hope you enjoy it.

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