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Don't Buy a Website, Rent It!

One day I had a thought: How can I create attractive websites that are quick, cheap and easy to use? After nearly a year of hard work I'm proud to present The Web Project.


I think the visual part of the website is the most important. Using The Web Project I'm able to build modern and attractive websites.


You can have your website up and running in about 2 days and then you will be able to start adding content.


The price is the key, that is the main idea behind The Web Project. Click here to see prices

Easy to Use

Once the site is ready you'll be able to make as many changes you want for FREE, that being the reason I tried to make the system as easy to use as possible. I have had some clients with zero knowledge of technology and they have been able to create what it is they need, and if you do have any problems I'll always be there to help.

The Web Project

A Big Package For a Small Price

Explore how the Web Project works, the tools, settings and options you'll have to customize and build your very own website.

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About Me

My name is Yanni Sanmiguel

Web designer for more than 10 years, I began to work with ModX around 8 years ago. I work remotely with all my clients without sacrificing quality.

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Let's talk about money

The prices include hosting and a working structure, if you need anything specific I can build it for you. I accept payment with Cryptocurrencies.

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ModX Professionals

ysanmiguel.com ModX Professionals Listing

ysanmiguel.com proud to belong to the ModX Professionals UK

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Examples Page

The Web Project Complete Examples Page

A complete page full of examples of everything you can do with The Web Project, hope you enjoy it.

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