Le'ts talk about money

As a freelancer I used to build different kinds of web sites, customized and unique for every client, that require a lot of working hours and that is the reason why the cost is so high.

Working for years doing that with small and medium size companies I realize that the majority of people need similar things, based on that idea I build The Web Project as a complete package to cover those necessities, reducing costs to a fraction of a normal site, shorting working hours and being sure that the product is technically and aesthetically competitive.

The Web Project

Per Year ($200 USD)

+£50 Installation (only paid once). Include hosting, emails, platform and support to build your own Web Site. See what is included

Freelance Price

Per Hour ($40 USD)

If you need something that is not included in The Web Project or you want to hire me for any web service.

No contracts, no hidden fees.

Bitcoin, Litecoin Accepted Here

I Accept DASH, ETH and many other coins
just let me know if you want to pay me with cryptos.

Contact ysanmiguel.com

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