The Paper Project

Gears of Wars Lancer Paper Model - Scale 1:1

This is my personal project 2016/2017, I spend lots of time trying to make this real.

Everything start with my brother, he did his first paper models from 3D in 2016, so I went into the game trying to think about something I would like to build... easy, the machine gun from Gear of Wars.

But I never did something like that before so I had one quick try and I create some kind of "hand", once I finished I thought, if I can create this... I can create a real size Lancer (hahaha Obviously, I didn't know what I was thinking). After months of work, try and error I did it.

Why a Lancer?

For me Gear of Wars was the game that create a clear line between the old and the new games. Wen I was young I remember the video games with amazing cover designs and incredible videos but the games where 2D pixels, quite disappointing.

Once Gear of Wars arrived it was the first game where the 3D videos and the game were the same, that was remarkable!.

As tribute I decide to do this project, using Blender 3D software I built the Lancer, then using software like Pepakura and Illustrator I make 11 sections to print, cut and build the real size Lancer.

As I said before I finished it, everything is ready and the printed version is around 5 meters X 60 centimeters, I just need one last thing that is to build the first complete model, once I'm sure everything fix I will sell the massive printed paper for anyone that would like to build their own Lancer.

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