The Web Project

A Big Package For a Small Price

I built my own website using The Web Project. Just think, you can have a similar website for a yearly renting price without a contract!

You'll be free to customize and modify at any time (free of charge):

For building the web structure I use a horizontal row system, one row over the other will create a website page. You'll be able to include/delete extra sections from each page. Each row can include any of the following:

See The Web Project Examples Page 

The site will include services like Google analytics (to check the traffic on your site), Google ReCaptcha (to protect the forms from span), Disqus (to enable comments).

- The client needs to provide all the content, files, videos and images necessary to create the content, it's important to follow some basic procedures before uploading and/or creating content within the website.

The Important Part: The hosting included in the price is around 400 Megabytes, which is the necessary space for the system to work, including the email accounts. All the images, videos and files will be hosted separately in AmazonS3 where there is no storage limit, the cost of this service is included in the yearly price too. Some basic guidelines must be followed to guarantee good performance of the website.

The platform will be installed into a hosting managed by ysanmiguel.com. It took me around a year to complete this project and the cost in hours is huge which is why the websites are not for sale. The client will not be allowed to access to the Cpanel or the core files. The site information belongs to the client but the platform can't be moved to another hosting under any circumstances. The platform and core files belong to ysanmiguel.com.

Contact ysanmiguel.com

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