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Designing and building a website should be a creative, enjoyable and productive experience. I build my sites online under a private address (secured with username and password), this means that you can check in on the progress of your website at any time during the building process, right up until when the site goes live.

The Process

Get in touch - Let's talk about what you need and brainstorm some new ideas for the project.

Cost - Once I have a clear idea of what you need I can provide you with a quote and a deadline.

Let's do it! - Once we have agreed a price I'll take an initial payment of 50% if we work per project/hour, or if we work based on The Web Project the initial payment will be the installation cost.

Info and Photos - All the information and images should be provided by you, the amount of images will be specified in the quote.

Buy the URL - The URL or domain will be provided by you, for me it is very important that you have total control over your domain.

I'll need to know your taste -  I normally ask for some examples of websites you like, and once I know your taste I'll work on something that you will like.

Design - I'll design key pages to show you how your website will look, including colours and components. We'll collaborate throughout the whole process with opinions and new ideas. If you decide to go with The Web Project the design will be based on the modules that we decide to use to build the website, but there are tools to modify the appearance of the pages.

Development - I'll build the website online under a private address, I'll provide you with the address and username and a password so you will be able to login and check the process at any moment.

Training - We'll run through how to use your Content Management System so you can edit and add to your website.

Done! - Once everything is ready I'll run various tests to check performance and to make sure everything else is functioning okay, then your website can go live.

Need to add something else? -  The website will be made to grow as big as you want, the sky is the limit!

Get in Touch and let's work together!

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